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Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program
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I am often asked to be a mentor or guide someone in his or her Emotional & Spiritual Development. As much as I love to teach, there just are not enough hours in the day for me to do this with every individual at a time. So I started the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program where I can do this with groups.YOU CAN VISIT THE PROGRAM WHENEVER YOU LIKE OR HAVE TIME, WORKING AT YOUR OWN PACE.

It is an opportunity for me to offer classes,workshops,events and healing designed to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness one Mind, one Life, one Heart, one Spirit at a time. You deserve to be living your best life with much more happiness.
What is your Time & Happiness worth to you?
Does your Subconscious Mind secretly Crave Failure?
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Self-Transformation is the very Essence and Highest Expression of Life
You’ll discover transformational content to help you live with more passion and purpose. You’ll get NEW systems to boost your happiness and wellbeing. And learn exciting techniques to create more success.

It is an opportunity for me to offer classes,workshops and products designed to facilitate the evolution of human consciousness & emotional healing one Mind, one Heart, one Life, one Spirit at a time.

All classes are designed to impact the four levels of your being: spiritual, mental, emotional and physical, in order to facilitate your healing, growth and development. I invite you to enjoy all that we offer you with joy, an open mind and heart.

The curriculum of the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program has its foundation in the exploration of universal spiritual laws and principles. 
The principles are the basis for:
  • Identifying and clearing unconscious or non-productive thought and behaviour patterns which keep you stuck.
  • Developing a spiritual consciousness and embracing a spiritual identity.
  • Developing an understanding of how your fears & limitations have impacted and enhanced your life experiences.
  • Balancing the demands of external or physical life with the desires of the internal or spiritual life.
It is my intention to guide and support you through the experiential process of remembering and embracing your Divine nature. If we are not making conscious choices from a place of LOVE, most of our daily experiences are being made from decisions based in FEAR.

We believe that the Divine nature of every individual is supported and enhanced through knowledge and integration of universal laws and spiritual principles. What I teach is not new; however, I share with you a new process and format for incorporating these ancient principles into daily living. 

The Program provides you with a firsthand knowledge of how to utilize the power of your Divine and spiritual nature as a basis for all of life's experiences. With this understanding, you are empowered and prepared to make better choices resulting in a more fulfilling life.
The Work

Years of experience and research have led me to this conclusion:

    If you want your life to work, you must be                       willing to do the work! 

The work that is required to make your life work and the work required to ensure that you live up to your highest potential and greatest good is sacred inner work and conscious outer work. Only with this level of sacred work will you be able to discover, address, heal, remove and grow beyond the blockages, hindrances, obstructions and wounds that may be present in your mental, spiritual or emotional essence. The Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program is designed to support you in doing your inner work in a loving manner and the outer work in a supportive environment because we believe that you are worthy of your own time, energy and attention.

 You don't have to figure out the 'how' on your                                    own.

Is this YOU?

You’ve experienced some degree of success and happiness in your life, but you feel like there’s still a void inside... something missing...

You’ve tried lots of things – affirmations, visualizations, gratitude- and yet you're not fully realizing your dreams...

You often feel tired and overwhelmed-- you want more energy and better health but you just don’t know how to get your mojo back...

You long for deep and fulfilling relationships but they aren’t showing up- you understand that they begin with self-love but that’s something that seems to elude you...

You feel anxious that time is ticking by and you haven't accomplished or contributed to the planet in the substantial way you'd like to...

You’re frustrated that you’re working so hard and not getting the results or making the money you want...

You know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing – and you want it now.

How will this Help Me?

       Each of our classes are designed to: 

★SUPPORT and deepen your AWARENESS of         core issues and challenges

★OPEN your heart and mind to GREATER                POSSIBILITIES for living and expressing your         authentic identity

★FACILITATE the development of skills required       for BETTER COMMUNICATION

★ELIMINATE LIMITED PERCEPTIONS of reality     that may keep you stuck

★HEAL memories of PAST TRAUMA that still           impact your current reality & relationships
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I know what you may be it worth the money?
Isn’t your health, your physical, mental and emotional well-being priceless? I think it is, but I also respect your need to make smart decisions with your finances. That is why the program has a 14 day trial period for only US$1 for you to test drive and see the benefit. So what do you really have to lose by trying it...a US$1?
Fearless Hearts Mentorship 
The Tools You Need For The Life You Want To Achieve

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Here’s some of what you’re getting inside 
The Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program
  • Full Access whenever you need - Every single class and episode – past, present & future All in one place, ready to watch (or download) at your own convenience. You’ll never worry about missing anything again. You’re getting exclusive training with Di and amazing guests she feels you'll benefit from!  There’s literally hundreds of dollars of training here… with more being added every week.
  • Monthly Live Training – with live Q&A Di Riseborough will host monthly or weekly sessions (dependant on each level) - not to worry it will be recorded if you are not available to attend.
  • Bonus material - to help you get faster, bigger results. From worksheets,webinars, guest speakers, visualizations to meditation sessions & guided healing experiences, these transformational highlights are designed to fit effortlessly into your daily routine.
  • Don’t decide now… Take All The Time You Need And Try .............. For A Full 14 Days. I’m convinced that being part of the Fearless Hearts community will empower every aspect of your life – and turn you into a more confident, abundant, spiritual and happy person. I stick by my claims. If for any unlikely reason the mentorship program doesn’t live up to any of these promises, drop my customer support team an email and your subscription will be cancelled before the next month. There’s nothing to return, and no effort required at all. You can even keep EVERYTHING you’ve already downloaded – all the training, worksheets and bonuses – simply to say “thanks for giving this a go”. 
  • LIMITED LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE : Save 50% on the published price for a LIFETIME !!
Di Riseborough
Founder Of Find Your Courage

The Four Rooms Of Wellness

There is an Indian proverb or axiom that says that everyone is a house with four rooms, a PHYSICAL, a MENTAL, an EMOTIONAL, and a SPIRITUAL. Most of us tend to live in one room most of the time but, unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person. ~ Rumer Godden

How do we LIVE in Them?

As a metaphor it can increase our conscious awareness to honour all parts of ourselves so that we can deepen our experience of life. The idea is based on the principle that when our mental, emotional, physical and “spiritual” selves are in alignment – we can more fully manifest life’s richness and meaning and live empowered.

“Wellness” is an active state which must be practiced daily to realize the on-going benefits. Activating wellness with a fearless heart requires conscious awareness, focused attention and a commitment to personal accountability.

Ultimately, each of us must accept responsibility for what we think, how we feel, what we do and how we are in our world. Living in the Four Rooms helps to balance and deepen that connection to living a fulfilling life with less fear and stress.
Living a Fulfilling Life ➨ Body★Mind★Heart★Spirit
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US$ Billed Monthly
  • Access to a library of deep, transformational exercises, videos, audio processes & teachings
  • 1 Monthly Live Call to bring clarity, direction, focus and support-Always Recorded 
  • The Fearless Forum – an online private support group for program members
US$ Billed monthly
  • Access to a library of deep, transformational exercises, videos, audio processes & teachings
  • 2 Monthly Live Calls to bring clarity, direction, focus and support-Always Recorded
  • Guest Expert Calls
  • The Fearless Forum – an online private support group for program members
  • BONUS: Private virtual training days for members
US$ Billed monthly
  • Access to a library of deep, transformational exercises, videos, audio processes & teachings
  • 3 Monthly Live Calls to bring clarity, direction, focus and support-Always Recorded 
  • Guest Expert Calls
  • The Fearless Forum – an online private support group for program members
  • BONUS 1: Private virtual training days for members
  • BONUS 2:  In-depth exercises and live teachings
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Cancel your monthly subscription at anytime. We do not offer refunds - Just Sign Up & Get Things Done...
**** Note: US$87/year cancellation occurs for the following year. No refunds****
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fearless Hearts Mentorship program is a private members area packed full of world class personal development training… all designed to help you create the life you want & deserve, in record time – with way less struggle than you think.This thriving private community is exclusively for people who are ready to learn and grow & who are COMMITTED to living fully, in all areas of life.
The Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program will help inspire and instruct you how to create YOUR version of your Life with less FEAR… with more abundance, wellbeing, motivation, happiness, passion, freedom, success… and whatever else you choose.

The Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program is different to other programs because:

1) You’re getting brand NEW teachings every week & month. No other online group provides anywhere near the quantity – nor QUALITY – that the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program does.

2) You’ll be a part of a positive, supportive, passionate community – who will support you, inspire you, and help you to manifest your desires. We are all in this together, all ready to learn and grow.

3) The member’s area is beautifully designed and super easy to use. So you’ll find it a joy to study personal growth! 

4) You’ll learn however you learn best – because you can choose from videos, audios, transcripts, “Key Highlights”, special bonuses and much more. Plus everything’s available to watch online, or download to your computer, iPad or mobile phone. It’s easy! 

5) The price… is deliberately low, because I want to spread these personal growth ideas around the planet. Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for lower quality substitutes, when The Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program brings you the very BEST training & healing … and the most inspiring community… for only $9.99- $19.99 per month? 

6) Added value: Every month Di Riseborough hosts a LIVE training – with Q&A – only for members. This helps you to deepen your understanding and get bigger results… and get your top questions answered. 

7) Our Secret Facebook group – members describe it as the #1 personal growth mastermind / community on the planet…. because of the amazing positive energy, support, level of success, and commitment of the group. As soon as you join the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program, you’ll be invited to join us.

The beauty of the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program is, it’s designed to fit into even the busiest schedule. Everything is designed to help you get results, in less time, whether you spend 10mins -1hr a day.  You choose your commitment level. And naturally you get lifetime access to the content, as long as you’re a member, so you can absolutely learn at your own pace… there’s no rush, take your time and enjoy the journey :-)

There are many variables that influence the speed of your success with the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program. Personal circumstances, your mindset and current beliefs, how often you study and the action you take are all factors that can affect this. You could see amazing results in as little as a few days. Many do. But it may take a little more time depending on how fast you can incorporate these ideas in your life. If your current mindset is especially “scarcity” focussed, you may even need to go through much of the content before you see noteworthy results.
What I can promise is that as long as you stay committed to watching the training, and applying what you learn, you will start to feel completely transformed and fully abundant… and will begin to see examples of your Life manifesting with less fear. And remember — your investment is completely safe. So if you don’t love it, you can cancel with one email… and you’ll never be charged again. You can’t lose! (And you can gain a huge amount by joining us…) So – if you feel inspired – register for the Fearless Hearts Mentorship Program today, and I’ll see you on the inside…

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